Electric Power Fence system

Main objective

The POWER-SENS is the most elegant solution in a non-lethal electronic fencing system within the UK. 


The POWER-SENS electric fence system provides a visual deterrence, while creating detection & alerts of intrusion attempts along the perimeter, with complete compatibility and control by the InSite management software application. 

The system administers a non-lethal electric shock when triggered, using an array of high voltage wires on elegant supporters.

Daytime neutralisation of the high voltage (only alarm is active) and low amperage ensures safety of use for non-intruders.

Operational tools on the InSite software enable full remote activation or neutralisation of high voltage zones.

POWER-SENS Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

  • High quality materials using zinc dipped steel profiles and wires, fibreglass enforced polyester, high grade plastic insulators, dual tension springs.

  • High Versatility – customised solutions to any need, matching any physical barrier, covering different gate types and openings.

  • TUV Certified, compatible with EN-IEC 60335-2-76:2005/A11:2008 for use under environmental conditions, operational scenarios and safety regulations.

  • Passive daytime operation which is safe for use within urban environments, only inducing alarms during the day and fully active at night.

  • Energiser per zone, synchronised operation, pre-alarm notification for fence maintenance (growing grass or present debris) and additional tools for the operator.

  • Completely managed by the InSite site management software application

POWER-SENS System Applications


  • Airports & Airfields

  • Railways & Train stations

  • Sea & Marine ports

  • Parking sites


  • Gas Network & Storage

  • Oil & Fuel refineries

  • Power Stations

  • Water recycle facilities

  • Solar farms


  • Prisons

  • Borders

  • Military bases

  • Ammunition depots

  • High risk sites


  • Industrial parks

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Logistic centres

  • Storage sites

  • Private High risk HNWI