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Exciting new partnership

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

SafePerimeters.co.uk which is part of Safe Security Solutions has been approved as the new UK office for EL FAR Perimeter Security Solutions (Israel)

Perimeter Intrusion Detections systems

SafePerimeters is the Perimeter Detection department of Safe Security Solutions. Safe Security Solutions has been in the security industry for many years and works with a high number of clients including HNWI, Retail, Commercial, Industry and other specialist areas.

During our time, we have noticed an increased demand for fence and perimeter detection abilities, whereby conventional fences and CCTV cameras are not up to the specification or project requirements as they have been installed as just a matter of habit and generally without any real thought of security.

The Safe Security Solutions perimeter security team have been part of various projects which have included the design, supply and installation of equipment for different projects ranging from HNWI clients, a Bio-mass power station, car dealerships to even protecting rare turtles. The enquiry and client list is extremely varied which always make the project interesting.

Part of our design process is to create an awareness to the 'would be intruder' is that they have activated a possible sequence of events and security measures when they cross into an un-authorised area. Safe Security Solutions Director, Mike Bullman states, 'All projects have different needs and without a doubt different security levels. This is why we design our perimeter security systems in accordance to the threat level, operational requirements and obviously to the clients security budget. But no matter what the client decides on they will always have the assurance that our designs and systems will definitely work'.

'When someone is set on entering a boundary of a property in any form, they do have an amount of fear because they are unsure of what security is within the area or what may happen. We aim to escalate that person's fear by allowing the perimeter detection system to operate automatic lights, automatically operated CCTV, flashing beacons, possibly warning sirens and even CCTV operated long range spotlights. Any of these features will automatically make the individual think about what they have done and make them turn and run from the area'. But if you want to be able to catch them, then we can also integrate that factor in accordingly within the clients' designs'

During our time in dealing with perimeter security, we become aware that there was still a further need of higher quality detection systems in the UK along with the need of a high level of service to the end user. This is one of the main reasons that Safe Security Solutions has after lengthy discussions and meetings managed to become the authorised UK office to EL FAR Perimeter Security Solutions who are based in Israel.

EL FAR is one of the leading manufacturers, designers and integrators of high end specialised fence detection systems in Israel and has installed 100's of fully operational systems in over 34 countries.

Many of the products have been subjected to some of the highest levels of testing to gain the accreditations that they have.

Mike said: ' It is an exciting time for Safe Security Solutions to be able to offer a very high quality range of products and to be able to work in such a specialised area and to be able to work closely with such a dedicated and specialised team in Israel'.

The Perimeter security market is still quite new with the UK, and what is known of it, is generally the old un-reliable systems. These days it is very different with extremely high reliability levels, increased sensitivity, better detection levels and less maintenance.

Our range of perimeter security products the UK are as follows: CU-07, VIPER-SENS, ELEC-SENS, SPIDER-SENS, LASER-SENS, TERRA-SENS, POWER-SENS

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