The Complete Security Management system



Features & Benefits

  • In-house developed PSIM – a comprehensive software application for Physical Security Information Management, to optimise & balance security & logistical requirement

  • GIS-based display of security events, enabling simple and intuitive situation managementAnalysing and fusing the flow of information from various integrated security modules and devices, such as VMS, ACS, LPR, Perimeter Intrusion systems, Power Fences, Laser Sensors, Alarm Panels etc.

  • Customised workflows, reporting to ensure and follow protocols and reaction steps by the operator to management

  • Customised ruling & conditioning of analysis parameters for optimized automatic operation of security events

  • Remote activation of security means and devices right from the site map (e.g. doors, locks, sirens, lights etc.

  • InSite APP – Complete mirroring of data and features on Android mobile device

  • New – Unique Cyber Protection features, providing real-time alert on changes in Ethernet ports across connected devices

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Current threat from international terrorism in the UK

The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE.

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